I.D. knives can be operated with one hand


1 Pull the safety slide back with your thumb.
2 Lift the locking leg with index finger.
3 Push the blade through & out of the handle.
4 Hook the tang and pull back to lock blade.
5 For total security push the safety slide forward.
6 Ready for use!

I.D. knives can be opened and closed with one hand
These well designed knives can be opened and closed using one hand even if your hands are cold or you are wearing gloves! They can open and close in either direction so that you can use either hand to operate them. If you are fishing, climbing, or whatever the situation, you can always have one hand free.

While holding the knife in one hand with your thumb on top and straight inline with the handle and the underside of the handle gripped with the ends of your fingers, first slide the safety-catch back, then lift the locking leg upward with your index finger, and push the blade through and out of the handle to an angle of about 90 degrees. In this position, the tang can be hooked with the same index finger and pulled back until the blade is locked open. Then slide safety-catch forward. In practice, this is quite easy and can be accomplished very quickly. No adjustments are required for left-hand use.

To close the knife the safety-catch is slid back then the locking leg is lifted with the index finger and then the blade can be swung out of alignment so that the lock is disengaged, then the tang is pushed with the same index finger to bring the blade into the closed position where the locking leg locks the knife closed and the safety-catch is pushed forward. There are several other methods to open the blade which we hope you will enjoy discovering for yourself, but please be warned to become familiar with the unusual way the knife operates before you try any fancy tricks as we will not be held responsible for any mishaps.