Safe and extremely strong construction


Safe and extremely strong construction
Not only are the materials in the I.D. knives the best available, but these are extremely strong knives because they open on a plane angled at 90 degrees to the plane of use when cutting. Therefore most stress is directly on the handle - and not on the locking mechanism.

Drop point Blade - 3 inch high carbon C70 sheffield steel hardened to Rockwell 58, hollow ground and hand honed to a razor-sharp edge, history has proved the quality of this steel.

Hardened stainless steel - absolutely solid.

Locking leg
Hardened 420 stainless steel, mirror finished and engraved with the Imagical Design logo, the Patent information and the date of manufacture.

Extremely high impact resistant Black Carbon Fibre Composite and Black or Lapis Zytel.

Main Pivot

Massive 1/6 inch (4 mm) diameter hardened stainless steel pivot, one end fits into handle to prevent it turning, the other end is secured by an Allen screw so that the tension can be adjusted and for disassembly.

Pivot Bearing

Solid hardened stainless steel fits to a very high tolerance around pivot and eliminates
unwanted blade wobble.

Specially produced flat headed brass rivets guarantee perfect assembling of the components, after which the heads are polished and contrast beautifully against the polished bolsters and coloured handle.

Made from carbon fibre composite or Zytel. In the forward position it prevents the locking leg accidentally being disengaged and must be slid back in order to change the position of the blade. The safety-catch can be removed.